Eyebrow threading is used to shape and design the eyebrows, by removing excess and overgrowth of hair in this area. The technique of threading is not only reserved to eyebrows, and can also be useful in removing unwanted hair that tends to grow on the face, including the area above the lip, the chin, sideburns, and cheeks. This will allow the woman to achieve an overall facial smoothness. The method of eyebrow threading is just that, a technique that uses thread to remove hair. While threading can be used to remove hair from the upper lip, chin, cheeks, and various other parts of the body, it remains most popular for use with the eyebrows.

Threading requires a fairly flat surface to be effective, so this rules out certain areas of the body. The practitioner holds a cotton thread between his fingers that he twists with the help of their teeth and creates a loop that will trap unwanted hairs and pluck them from the skin. The whole process, when performed correctly by a trained professional, can be done in less than 15 minutes. While it isn’t as tedious as plucking single hairs, it can feel just as uncomfortable the first few times you have it done. One of the reasons people favor this method over waxing and laser hair removal is that it does not result in painful ingrown hairs. Additionally, it is inexpensive and generally less painful. In most cases, after two to four weeks when the hairs begin to grow back, they are more faint and after a few treatments begin growing back much slower. For people with sensitive skin, threading is a welcome alternative that involves no harsh chemicals of any kind.

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